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Learn to make everyday bread

My name is Warren Carr and I’m on a mission to get people to fall back in love with the idea of making real bread!

My breadmaking classes in Wales and the South West are for baking beginners and will show you how you can bake wonderful smelling and tasting, easy-to-make bread for everyday eating.


Not just simple white and brown loaves, but breads which use a range of ingredients such as herbs, spices, nuts, cheeses and even beer and treacle to create showstopping breads to pair perfectly with everything from soups and sandwiches to salmon and cheeses.

And it’s not difficult! Believe me – I’ve been doing it for 15 years and have never bought a shop-made loaf in all that time.

My mission is to introduce you to the idea that you can bake beautiful artisan bread in your own kitchen, every day, in as little as 15 minutes. No special equipment needed – just your two hands and an open mind!

All ingredients and equipment are provided, and a complimentary light lunch included. I also touch on other things you can easily do with the wonderful ingredient called flour, including making sourdough, grissini sticks, pasta, flatbreads and pizza bases.

Breadmaking class in Cardiff
A man and a woman making bread in a breadmaking class in Cardiff
Enjoying a lunch with bread made during an artisan breadmaking class
A group of people at a breadmaking class in Cardiff

Don’t be put off by recipes you see online and in the media for fancy, high end breads. Nothing wrong with them – but they WILL take time to master, and you’re unlikely to be making them every day even if you could!

Using my methods, there’s no reason why you, your family and your friends can’t be eating simple, delicious breads every day that you will never find in shops.

I want to share my passion for beautiful daily bread, so join me in the kitchen of my own home in Cardiff and learn to bake gorgeous breads for every day of the week. No fancy equipment or complicated recipes - just an oven and a work surface, exactly the same as in your house.

Because everything happens in my kitchen, classes are limited to four people maximum, so it's completely personal. Get a few friends together or come alone and meet some new friends!

About me

This is me and I've had a love affair with bread since I lived in Germany and Austria as a student. Over 15 years ago, I decided to make my own bread, and have never looked back. The smell when it's cooking, the taste when you bite into it, the way you can match different breads to what you're eating .... fantastic. I've set up Highs & Loaves to share that love with you and get you thinking completely differently about the not-so-humble loaf.

Warren Carr runs artisan breadmaking classes for Wales and the South West
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