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Busy .... but not bumbling

It's been a busy few weeks in the Highs & Loaves kitchen with groups coming in every few days and making No 7 smell amazing with the loaves they bake! You could say we have been busy little bees .....


...... which gives me a pretty cringe-worthy link to my bumblebees!


There's no particular connection with bread, but I'm big into the importance of bees of all kinds and their contribution to pollination and the health of our environment generally.


Sadly there aren't enough of these wonderfully earnest and busy little insects buzzing around our gardens, so this year I've tried to give their population a bit of a boost installing a live bumblebee colony in my mini-hive.


They are the cutest things to watch as they zoom out of the hive entrance into the (sometimes) blue yonder and return with great pantaloons of pollen on their hind legs.


Here's the story of their arrival at No 7 ......


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