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Bread is heaven

With #Easter coming up I’ve been putting together some of the ingredients for the delish breads I’ll be baking for friends and family over the weekend. Answers on a postcard if you can name the ingredients and what combinations they might be used in!

Assembling them made me remember my student days in Germany and Austria where I had something of an epiphany about bread. Coming as I did from the land of the white sliced loaf it was a complete revelation that you could get hold of stunning, wholesome breads made out of a range of flours and flavoured with spices, herbs and other ingredients.

It set me off on the mission I'm still on today - to get people to realise that bread is so much more than wholemeal and white, and that actually it is easy and fun to make once you've grasped the basics. While sadly we may never have the French culture of popping down to the local boulangerie every morning for our baguette, you can still whip up far more than just the ubiquitous sourdough in your own kitchen.

So join the revolution. Start being more discerning about your bread. We all know we eat naan breads with our favourite Indian dishes - so why not think about how different flavoured breads go with other foods? And the easiest way to experiment with different breads is to make them yourselves. But as I'm about to start running home breadmaking courses from my kitchen, I would say that, wouldn't I.....?!

Anyway, food for thought this Easter.......

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