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Have some fun this summer making bread

There are some great ingredients you can use in bread which make for fabulous summer eating.

They are fun to make and even better to eat with friends over a light summer lunch and a glass of wine. And they are all the kind of breads you can easily make using the techniques we cover in my classes.

Here's a few videos of some of my favourites, starting with cheese and chives, a wonderful aromatic bread which makes a perfect lunchtime sandwich.

Who doesn't love ciabatta? Fresh or toasted it's the ultimate wine bar favourite, and with a bit of practice, easy to make in your own home.

And I know it's not really for lunch, but who can resist anything with chocolate? How about a lazy summer Sunday breakfast treat with these traditional brioche injected with a gorgeous oozy chocolate filling.....?

Fancy being able to knock all these breads up in your own kitchen? Cone and join me in mine on one of my classes!

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