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We pair wine with food - why not bread?

Updated: May 1, 2023

Why are we so dismissive of bread as a key part of many meals?

Just today I’ve just been checking the contenders for The BBC's One Show’s current bid to find a dish to celebrate the imminent Coronation. There’s an amazing-looking sandwich up as one of the shortlisted dishes. It’s got a fried chicken filling like you’ve never seen before – it looks wonderful! And yet the bread into which it is loaded does not get a mention. It’s just, well …… bread.

Choose the right bread for your meal
One of the joys I get from bread is pairing different types with different foods.

Minutes later I switched on my local radio station to hear they were running an item inviting listeners to phone in with details of what they were planning to have on toast for lunch. Just a bit of fun – but never mind the topping …… what about the toast?! Sadly, all the focus was on what was going to be piled onto the toast, with no mention again of the all-important loaf!

And that’s just today. Time and again people talk about sandwiches, burgers, or bread accompanying a meal in a restaurant but rarely pay any attention to what kind of bread or roll is being served.

We pair wine with food, so why not pair bread with food too?

The bread you chose can fundamentally affect and enhance what you’re eating. Smoked salmon with a rye and caraway bread; homemade soups with herb-infused bread; burgers with brioche buns; walnut and sultana wholemeal with your cheeseboard …..

Get the right bread for your meal
The bread you chose can fundamentally affect and enhance what you’re eating.

So let’s #respectthebread and start being more discerning about what type goes with what food. Maybe we could even experiment at home with all the wonderful flavours and textures humble flours and ingredients can offer by starting to bake our own bread.

And if you need any help in that area, you know where to come!

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