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Rock and roll

Updated: Jun 7, 2023

We think of bread as loaves, but I make loads of my doughs up as rolls. Knock up a batch and freeze them, take them out the night before for breakfast, or in the morning for lunch. Easy......

With a hint of summer round the corner this weekend, I’ve made up a batch using some of my favourite flavours. They’re great for a summer salad roll or just to go with whatever you’ve got on the barbecue.

Make tasty bread rolls for those summer sandwiches and barbecues
In praise of the not so humble bread roll ..... flavour your dough to complement your fillings and let it roll

I’ve done a white/spelt flour mix for one of the types of roll, flavoured with pumpkin seeds, sunflower seeds and a hint of fresh rosemary from the garden. It’s a brilliant combo, and gets you a really “meaty” bite, full of body and flavour, with the seeds adding a great crunch. The seeds also toast up really nicely for an extra flavour, especially if you grill a split roll on the BBQ.

If you fancy it as a sandwich, try this roll with some roast chicken and crisp salad, smeared with a dollop of mayonnaise (try making your own! It’s a doddle and SOOO much better than anything shop bought.)

Rolls and buns make great summer sandwiches
Get creative with your flavours - and let the good times roll

The other type of roll I made was a wholemeal bun with sage and onion. It’s a classic combination and works really well as a bread. And yes – it goes brilliantly with a slice or three of roast pork!

If you’ve got one of those barbecues with a lid, try slow smoking a pork joint (loin works really well) over the coals. You can do this after you’ve cooked up your main BBQ feast using the residual heat of the coals. It’ll give you a blinding smoked pork joint which is amazing when cold and thinly sliced. Perfect in your sage and onion bun!

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