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What does it take to bake beautiful bread?

So Gwyneth Paltrow supposedly swears by a super-loaf costing £22 a pop which apparently gives you super-quality poops.

Having looked at the ingredients I’m not sure she isn’t being taken for a ride. I hate to blow my own trumpet but I’ve been making wonderfully tasty loaves for years with many of the same or similar ingredients – and can assure you I haven’t been paying anything like that amount for them.

The makers of the Happy Tummy Loaf (you have to say, a great brand name) list teff flour (a gluten free flour), chia seeds (which I blogged about only this month), “regeneratively farmed” eggs (eggs produced by chickens which are moved to a different grazing pasture every few days), various nuts (well I use nuts – loads of them) and “Irish Orchard Syrup” (made in Ireland from organic apples) as just some of the ingredients.

Now I’m sure it’s a very nice loaf and those ingredients are of the highest quality, but really? One of the things that puts people off making their own bread is that they think they need ingredients that are difficult to get hold of, which is simply not the case.

My mantra in my classes is that everything we use to make our loaves is readily available from corner shops and supermarkets. And they are mighty nice loaves.

A breadmaking class with their loaves
In my classes, we learn that baking your own bread is easy, nutritious, and good for your wellbeing

Yes, you can get different flour mixes from specialist millers but honestly, you can make some fabulous bread with basic strong white flour and wholemeal flour. Chia seeds and many others such as sunflower, poppy and pumpkin seeds can be had easily from many shops or online. Eggs? Well, the standard of free-range eggs these days means we can buy quality with a clear conscience. Nuts are an everyday larder store item, and the syrup and treacle I use may not be organic but are of extremely high quality from the leading manufacturers.

It all adds up to being able to make a fantastic range of flavours and styles of bread in your own kitchen really easily, which is exactly what we learn in my classes.

Nutritious, easy to make and good for your wellbeing to think that you have produced, with just 10 minutes’ work, something so wonderful out of simple, healthy ingredients.

And hopefully it will improve your poops too.


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